Current membership prices (until 17th March)

Full membership: $135
Full membership (Concession): $120
Supporting Membership: $40
(All prices are in Australian dollars)

Paying in person

If you live in Perth you can buy your membership from Tactics, White Dwarf, or Fantastic Planet.
(Up until 10am Saturday 15th March)
Memberships will also be available by arrangement with a committee member.

Paying by cheque

If you want to pay by cheque then download the membership file, print it out, fill it in and send with the cheque to:
Swancon 2008,
C/O Linda Deegan,
PO Box 555,
WA 6932.

The cheque should be made out to WASFF.

Paying by direct deposit

If you wish to pay by direct deposit then send these details to

Memberships are now only available at the door of the convention. However, if you wish to organise a name badge for yourself then send the following details to either the treasurer or Grant.

Preferred badge name:
Email address:
Postal address:
Any concession information.
Whether you want a full or day memberships, and if days, which days you want it for.

If you are overseas then contact to arrange payment.

Price deadlines

These prices are current until 17th March. After that memberships only available at the door:
Full door price: $150
Full door price (concession): $130
Day pass (Thursday): $25
Day pass (Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday): $45
(Concession prices for day passes $5 less - Thu: $20, Fri-Mon: $40 )
Masquerade entry fee on Saturday night (for non-members): $15

Those with supporting memberships can upgrade to full memberships by paying the difference between the current price and the supporting price. Supporting memberships can also be converted to a day membership at the con.