Swancon 2008 is the 33rd annual West Australian Science Fiction Convention, and the 47th Australian National Science Fiction Convention.

Swancon 2008 Details at a Glance

All gone.

Hopefully you're reading this having just had an enjoyable convention on the weekend just gone.

Those of you hoping to see the 2009 website here will note that the keys (so to speak) to the website will be handed over to the 2009 web d00d (hi, Chris!) shortly, once I get a chance to get some sleep and perform housekeeping. Information junkies may wish to refer to the Swancon livejournal community in the interim.

There are pictures (URLs grabbed from the whiteboard):

Consider reading the rest of this page in past tense:

Details at a Glance

What: Swancon 2008: State of the Art. The 2008 Australian national science fiction convention.
When: Easter 2008: March 20-24.
Where: All Seasons Perth, Robinson St, Northbridge.

Price: Currently A$135 for full memberships, A$120 for concessions until the the week before the convention, after that memberships will only be available at the convention at door prices.

Supporting memberships are still A$40 and if you wish to upgrade them to full memberships will cost the difference between that and the current price.

Day memberships are A$25 on the Thursday, and A$45 per day after that. Concession prices are A$5 less.

Memberships are available from Fantastic Planet, White Dwarf and Tactics in the city until the 15th of March. There are other methods of buying memberships for those not able to get there and they will be available until the 17th of March. After this memberships will only be available at the convention.


Our guests include Ken MacLeod, Rob Shearman, Glenda Larke and Zara Baxter. Read more about them here. The Swancon academic symposium is presenting the keynote speakers Mark Bould, Sylvia Kelso and Andrew Milner. Due to work commitments, we regret that Paul Cornell is no longer attending the convention.


Purchase any full, concession or day membership to Swancon 2008, and you will go automatically into the running to win a Doctor Who DVD prize pack, consisting of 11 classic Doctor Who serials on DVD valued at $330, an Orbit book package valued at $300, or a HarperCollins book package valued at $300.


Nominations are now open for the Tin Ducks!

The short list for the Ditmars is now available!


Guest dinner! Come have dinner with some of the guests of honour on the Wednesday before the convention.

Art Show: Sharpen your paintbrushes.

Heroes and Villains Ball - Get dressed up as your favourite hero or villain on Saturday night - Prizes available for best costumes. If you wish to come only for the ball then entry to the masquerade only is $15 available from the front desk from an hour before the masquerade start onwards.

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