70 Years of BBC Science Fiction

In February 1938 the fledgling British Broadcasting Corporation's television service presented a live-to-air adaptation of Karel ńĆapek's play RUR. It was the first science fiction television production in history.

In 2008, Swancon celebrates the 70th anniversary of BBC science fiction - a rich legacy that includes such classic TV productions as Doctor Who, Blake's 7, Edge of Darkness, Red Dwarf and Survivors as well as contemporary hits like Life on Mars, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Jekyll.

We are extremely proud to welcome to Swancon script writer Rob Shearman, whose 2005 episode of Doctor Who, "Dalek", was nominated for the prestigious Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Award.

Swancon 2008 will also be hosting a special photographic retrospective of science fiction at the BBC on Sunday 23 and Monday 24 March. Swancon 2008 would like to thank BBC Worldwide for their assistance.