Art Show

The Swancon art show is seeking submissions! The theme for this year is "fantastic journeys". Works suited to this theme (or other creative works) can be hung in the art show.

This year there will be a special competition for under-12s as well as the regular competition.

Art Show Rules

General Information
All artists must reserve a space in the Art Show by submitting a registration form and paying a registration fee. Space is limited so we will accept entries on a first-come-first-served basis.

Artists may enter more than one piece of artwork, though an entry fee is required to be paid for each piece.

You may mail in your entry if for some reason or other you are unable to attend. Supporting Members are encouraged to enter the Art Show.

You must state on the entry form if the piece is an original or a reproduction. Reproductions or prints from digitally created works are allowed, though only one of any particular piece may be hung. All work must be the original work of the artist. All reproduction rights remain the property of the artist.

Works judged by the art show staff to be offensive or libelous shall not be permitted to enter the Art Show. If you are in doubt as to whether your work is acceptable, please contact the Art Show staff in advance. Swancon reserves the right to refuse any artwork for any reason it sees fit.

The exhibition is free to view for all convention Members (Full, Child,Student and Day members).

Do not send your artwork with your registration form. All registration forms must reach Swancon by 15th March 2008.

Hanging Regulations

Art work will be hung on panels or placed on tables. Artists may hang their own work if they do not want the convention Art Show staff to do this. Artists may also bring their own display materials, but will be required to set up the display themselves. Several 3-D pieces not necessarily by the same artist may be displayed on the same table and all care will be taken to ensure the works are displayed to each piece’s advantage.

Ideally, the work will be brought to the Art Show ready to display or mounted or framed. It must be finished and dry. No finishing touches will be allowed during the course of the Art Show.

Two dimensional works must be able to be hung on panels.

Three dimensional works - particularly small items such as jewelry - will ideally come with a display case. If you cannot arrange a display case,please inform the art show directors well in advance.

All artwork must be clearly labeled. Wherever possible artwork must be clearly labeled on the piece as to the artist, with contact phone number and address.

All artwork must be able to withstand reasonable, careful handling, as it may be necessary to move your art during the course of the exhibition to correct problems, present it to the buyers, and so on.

Once entered into the show, the conditions of sale may not be changed. Once on display, no artwork may be withdrawn before the end of the show.

There will be no photography or video recording in the art show unless cleared by the Art Show directors in advance and with the permission of all the artists entered into the Art Show.

Artists are responsible for their own insurance.

Financial Matters

The cost to enter work into the art show is $2. This entry fee goes towards the costs of the room, panels, display tables and cases, hanging materials, postage, printing, etc. A commission fee of 10% will be collected on all sales to also help offset these costs.

Swancon will collect all payments from sales and the auction.
Payment may be made by cash or cheque. Payments (less 10% commission of the sale price) to artists who have sold work, will be made within a six weeks from the end of the convention.

If you mail your artwork in and it is not sold at the show, you must provide payment to cover the costs of return postage and ensure packaging is reusable.

Checking In

1. Come to the check-in point in the room where the Art Show will be held.

2. The Art Show staff will show you to your space and provide you with a bid sheet if your work is for sale. They will also tell you where equipment and hanging accessories are kept.

3. Hang your art, making sure that your bid sheets are at an accessible height.

4. Please take all packaging to the designated storage area. Place it together in a neat pile with your name clearly marked on it.

Checking Out

1. Come to the check-out point. Bid sheet sales will be checked.

2. You will be given a list of sold work and how much each sold for.

3. Unhang and repack any unsold artworks, and have a nice trip home.

4. Cheques will be posted out within six weeks.

Mail-in Art

We will be accepting mail-in art. Display space must still be reserved and a registration form lodged with the convention.

Please do not send any artwork to the venue or to the convention address. You will be contacted at a later date and notified where to send your work.

Packing materials should be reusable. Sufficient funds for return postage and insurance should be included with your entry fee and mail-in fee.

Please specify in writing, the return service you would like such as airmail or surface mail.

All mailed in art should include a diagram of how you wish your artwork to be displayed.

All mailed-in art must reach us before 15th March 2008.

If your display requirements change or if you decide to cancel your reservation, please contact us as soon as possible. This will allow us to notify artists on our waiting list. Cancellations must reach us before the 31st March 2004 if you wish to receive a refund. A 10% cancellation fee will apply, to cover administration costs.

Contact Info

Please contact Emma Hawkes about art show matters: ehawkes @ iinet. net. au

The postal address for mail-in art is Unit 9/36 Cape St, OSBORNE PARK, Western Australia, 6017.

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